Post-detention Accompaniment Network (P-DAN)

We lease two side-by-side apartments in the North End of Tacoma for released detainees who need a place to stay, whether for a night or a month.  P-DAN volunteers assist our guests with travel arrangements, introducing them to the local bus system, helping them with online requests for appointments to adjust their status and to report to ICE, and accompanying them, when necessary, to various locations. See list below;

  •      The Department of Social and Health Services office in Tacoma for food cards for asylees
  •      The ORCA lift office at Tacoma Community College on Thursdays for discounted bus passes for asylees
  •      World Relief offices in Kent for work permits, Social Security Cards, job placement, ESL classes, and permanent housing for asylees
  •      Tacoma Community House for work permits, Social Security cards, ESL classes and job placements for released detainees on bond or order of supervision.
  •      Local medical facilities
  •      Local food banks

Other things that P-DAN volunteers may help with are:

  •     Taking guests on outings to the park, library, local theater, etc.
  •     Cooking a meal for guests
  •     Sorting donations of clothing, household items, toiletries, etc.
  •     Cleaning and doing laundry after each guest relocates
  •     Gardening and yard work at the apartments