Post-detention Accompaniment Network (P-DAN)

Some immigrants who have been released do not immediately leave Tacoma. These are people who have been granted asylum or been released on bond, and they may be eligible for various social and community services. AIDNW volunteers assist immigrant guests at our Hospitality House in accessing services by providing transportation to:

  • the Department of Social and Health Services office in Tacoma for food cards
  • the ORCA lift office at Tacoma Community College for discounted bus passes (Thursdays only)
  • World Relief offices in Kent for work permits, Social Security Cards, job placement, ESL classes, and permanent housing
  • Tacoma Community House for work permits, Social Security cards, ESL classes and job placements
  • Local medical facilities
  • Local food banks
  • The bus station for onward travel

AIDNW volunteers also offer gifts of companionship and other welcoming support to our Hospitality House guests, such as:

  • Taking guests on outings to the park, library, local theater, etc.
  • Cooking a meal for guests
  • Sharing a craft or skill
  • Sorting donations of clothing, household items, toiletries, etc.
  • Cleaning and doing laundry after each guest relocates
  • Gardening and yard work

If you are interested in Post-Detention Accompaniment please contact Volunteer Coordinator Deborah Cruz