Our Programs

With its incredibly dedicated staff and volunteers, AID NW offers immigrants a touch of humanity during and post-detention through the following programs:

Phone Access

Telmate Phones

When immigrants are unable to hear the voices of family and friends because of lack of resources, we end that silence by providing funds. For more information, contact: Rebecca@NWIRP.org


visitation (2)

When immigrants do not have anyone able to visit them, we end that isolation.  For more detailed information regarding this program, please contact:  officevolunteer@aidnw.org

Welcome Center

Welcome Center

When immigrants are released from the NWDC, hundreds or even thousands of miles from friends or families,  the AID NW post-release Welcome Center provides a safe, supportive environment until reunification with those loved ones can happen.

For more detailed information regarding this program, please click here: https://aidnw.org/our-programs/welcome-center/


Post-Detention Accompaniment Network (P-DAN)

When immigrants need safe release services, including checking in for flights and Greyhound trips, or need help in obtaining documents from Social Security, DSHS, or USCIS, or assimilation into social and/or religious communities, P-DAN volunteers help them to access and obtain the services they are seeking.

For more detailed information regarding this program, please click here: https://aidnw.org/our-programs/post-detention-accompaniment-network-p-dan/


Hospitality House

The AID NHospitality House provides overnight shelter for immigrants traveling to distant cities when transportation is unavailable on the day of release, up to 30 days for immigrants who have been granted relief by the Immigration Court, or for several months for immigrants released on parole or under an Order of Supervision by ICE. For more information, click here: https://aidnw.org/our-programs/housing-network/